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Stop greying of hair. From its roots.

Stop greying of hair. From its roots.

Eventually, our hair will turn grey, silver or white. It's natural and part of growing up. With age, the pigment cells in our hair follicles begin to deplete. Less pigment means less melanin in our hair stand, making it grow transparent in colour. Thus our hair turns grey, white or silver. But, as we have seen, it’s all a process that happens with time. Hence, we should embrace it, gracefully.

But what about premature greying of hair?

This untimely appearance of white hair is becoming a phenomenon now. Call it one of the ailments of modern society. Our lifestyle, eating habits, pollution, use of chemicals are all culprits to the problem. Before we get down to ways of solving the problem from its roots, let’s touch upon some of the common causes.

That's true. Some won't get a strand of grey hair even when they hit mid-forties or beyond. Call them lucky or something they inherited from their parents. The race is also a determining factor. Generally speaking, Africans retain their black hair colour for longer while say a North Indian will experience greying of hair from their late twenties.


Lack of iron, copper, vitamin B, iodine, and omega 3 causes grey hair, which is why they must be included in the diet. Packaged, junk, refined, or processed foods are best left on the shelf.


Call it an old foe of your hair. Increased stress affects the melanocyte stem cells causing them to rapidly turn into pigment cells and move out of the hair follicles. Result? Hair greying. leading to grey hair.


Some shampoo contributes to greying hair. Sounds like a bit of a paradox but it’s true. Chemicals like Sodium Lauryl, Sulfate Sodium and Laureth Sulfate Sodium in shampoo can be a factor.

Then, it becomes a no-brainer that switching to herbal or shampoo with natural ingredients can help your cause. Homoeopathy becomes an excellent alternative. Why?

Besides the fact that this branch of medicine is developed and proven over centuries, it is plant and mineral-based. Making it free of any harmful chemicals and thus free of any side effects. Also, the very foundation of homoeopathy is gentle healing. The best part is, rather than suppressing a problem, homoeopathy is formulated to solve the problem its roots.

Ingredients like arnica and phosphorus in homoeopathy formulations make that possible. If you didn’t know already, Arnica is a flowering herb used extensively to treat scalp, and hair conditions.


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