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Homeopathy Has To The Answer Aloepecia

Is scalp psoriasis curable with homeopathic treatment?

Yes it’s. But before we get to the ‘how’, let’s find out what exactly is scalp psoriasis.

It’s a skin disease of the scalp, that’s a no-brainer. Looks like an outburst of dandruff but it isn’t. Dandruff can be waxy or greasy, scalp psoriasis is dry scales, and silvery. Above that, the nature of the disease, symptoms and methods of treatment are also different.

Why do we get it?

Blame it all on your faulty immune system, the skin cells grow faster than usual leading to a pile-up of silvery scales and red patches. Mostly on the scalp. Yes, you can also get it on your forehead, ears, and down the back of your neck.

It’s flaky and gets knocked off your skin easily if you’re not gentle.

Taking of being gentle, homeopathy can help rid one of this disease. Some ingredients in shampoos, like sulfates, and some medicines, like lithium or malaria drugs, can aggravate psoriasis. Dryness, sunburn, stress and bad eating habits are other contributors.

If you consult a homeopaths, she won’t just prescribe you medicines. She will take into account your eating habits, your mental state, your family history, all precursor to psoriasis and thus a thing of importance to be taken into account while prescribing a line of treatment. Also, homeopathic remedies are typically tinctures, pills, or topicals created from plants, and mineral extracts, making them free of any side effects.

Some of the proven natural remedies for psoriasis are also ingredients that are intrinsic to homeopathy. Like Aloe vera soothes, reduces redness and itchiness. Or Tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The important point to remember is, just like the disease itself, in homeopathy there’s no one size fits all approach. It’s highly personalised making it so effective.


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